Thinking Out Loud – Crumbs vs. Frozen Yogurt

lulu rain jacket


Thinking Out Loud posts are a lot like what our phone conversations would sound like if we were actually speaking instead of me writing and you reading.

Although, I rarely talk on the phone since I prefer to text and I never really talk about running with my friends because they don’t run but  when I am on the phone with my dad (who I prefer to talk to rather than text with) we do talk running because he always asks if I ran that morning and how it was.


Turns out I was able to run outside yesterday in place of the treadmill. The rain stopped just long enough for seven miles although it was so crazy humid that it felt like it was raining just without the actual rain drops.

It did start to rain for a bit after my run which required rain attire in order for me to leave the house.

lulu rain jacket

I never wear athletic apparel outside of a workout but decided to make use of the Lulu Lightened Up Pullover since I didn’t get to wear it during my run.

The back of the pullover is so cute, right?

Let’s talk quickly about rest days just to follow-up the topic a bit from yesterday.

Rest days are important. Do I take them as often as I should? Probably not. But I listen to my body to the best of my ability and never run if I don’t feel up to it, if I am sick or if something hurts.

I could have run some junk miles on Tuesday but I didn’t see the point.

There are plenty of runs that are slow-paced, plenty of runs that happen on tired legs but when you know you need a rest day, when you know your body and your next run will benefit from the break, when you know that going out there just to get your endorphin high which can only happen if you go slow because you are tired and burned out, you must force yourself to NOT put the workout clothes on and do something else.

Please note that I don’t actually rest. I don’t know how. Instead I organize and clean cabinets or bake to fill the spot in my routine where the run would normally take place.

Think about it like this:

I can run today on very tired legs and feel icky throughout the miles and rest tomorrow OR I can rest today and have a super-charged, fast paced happy run tomorrow.

Try that thought process next time you struggle with taking your rest day.

I think I found a new song to sing out loud while I am running.

really dont care

I don’t know which version of “Really Don’t Care” I should buy for my playlist (they all sound the same!) but when it comes on the radio I am singing it at the top of my lungs as I drive with the roof opened and windows down.

Remember when you were a kid and you listened to your Walkman while in the car with your parents because they had the radio tuned to nerdy-old-people music?

I am cool and listen to cool music so why does my son put his ear buds in to listen to his playlist while in the car with me?

The best part is that I can hear what he is listening to and it is usually the song I just had on the radio.

I don’t get it.

What I do get is that my Club Mango card has been loaded with a five dollar reward!


You know how I love my Red Mango parfaits and a good savings.

While I count Red Mango frozen yogurt in a separate class high above the rest of the self-serve fro yo chains, we need to talk about those other frozen yogurt store chains for a minute.

Ever since Crumbs shut their doors almost two weeks ago, there has been lots of press suggesting that the demise of Crumbs is due to a trend towards calorie counting and a more health conscious society.

crumbs cupcakes

While that may be true, the same people who have decided to ditch their weekly Crumbs cupcake are the same people you see loading up giant cups of frozen yogurt covered in mounds of toppings.

frozen yogurt

Do you really believe that your container of frozen yogurt covered in chocolate chips, gummy bears, oreo’s, peanut butter cups and graham cracker crumbs topped with hot fudge, a drizzle of marshmallow and whipped cream and sprinkles is any lower in calories than a cupcake?

Just because the yogurt is fat-free, low-fat, dairy free, gluten-free or 25 calories per ounce,  I am confident in saying that a cupload of yogurt and toppings will weigh in close to, if not more than the calories found in a cupcake.


Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!


Any new songs on your playlist?

Do you wear workout gear during the day or just for your workouts?

Do you struggle with what to do with yourself when you take a rest day?

Favorite ice cream/yogurt toppings combo?



Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

28 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Crumbs vs. Frozen Yogurt”

  1. Unlike every other blogger (?!) I wasn’t sure about Lululemon yet – mainly because we don’t have any stores over here and I’ve only visited their website few times – but that shirt is too cute. If I owned one like that I’d definitely wear it during the day, too. Too pretty to reserve it ‘just’ for workouts.
    Rest days are a struggle for me, too. Not so much in terms of getting anxious anymore but – like you – being bored. Which is funny when you think a workout is only filling a short part of the day either way but right now it’s combined with being on holiday for me and that’s a whole lot of time to fill.
    And about the frozen yogurt? It’s funny how people are mislead to believe a low-fat base made for a lighter treat. Just like salad is automatically assumed to be the lowest-calorie option on a menu. Clearly – and especially if covered in creamy dressing.

  2. I’m an all the toppings girl. I like a bit of everything–from fruit to candy and especially cereal. And I usually get 3 different flavors. NOT. SORRY. I don’t think the demise of Crumbs has anything to do with calories. It has to do with a poorly run company.
    Otherwise Paula Deen, TGIFridays and Chilis would be out of business

    1. Great point. And really, I think Fridays needs to go out of business or revamp their menu. They aren’t what they used to be. I wrote about it last year when I ended up there and the menu was so limited to fried foods, I could barely find anything at all to eat! I used to get a giant baked potato there – no longer on the menu.

    2. Great point. And really, I think Fridays needs to go out of business or revamp their menu. They aren’t what they used to be. I wrote about it last year when I ended up there and the menu was so limited to fried foods, I could barely find anything at all to eat! I used to get a giant baked potato there – no longer on the menu.

  3. I actually probably end up wearing workout clothes more often than not, even though I don’t technically work out 😆 I just find the clothes way comfier, and heaven forbid I have to actually wear jeans for a day 😛 As for ice cream toppings, I keep it pretty simple… My favourite will always be a good vanilla ice cream topped with crumbled cookies or chocolate chips. Just can’t beat the classics.

  4. Your lulu wardrobe makes me jealous. That jacket is so cute! I always wear workout clothes outside of workouts though so it’s extra important for them to look okay 😉 As for the calories in froyo.. yep. I go big or go home. If I’m going out for froyo, you better believe I’m loading up. I have zero intention of it being healthy, either. That’s not the point of going out for froyo or cupcakes!
    Oh, and rest. Yea…. I don’t know how either. Usually if I have a rest day I’m running around doing a ton of other errands I put off for too long.

  5. Sometimes I wish that I could wear workout clothes ALL the time. My husband makes fun of me because 99% of the time that I am not at work I am either in workout clothes or sweatpants/pajamas.
    I usually just plan to take rest days of Sunday, that way I know I’m getting one day every week, but I’m trying to be better about taking an extra day if I need it!

  6. Do you make your froyo healthier by just using granola and fruit instead of candy toppings? I wanna eat froyo all the time, we don’t have a red mango here though. I guess i can nix the marshmallow topping… hahah

    1. Red Mango is a bit different than the others, however, even with the other brands, you can still incorporate the fro yo into your meals as a healthy option. I would go for the orginal tart variety with fruit, some granola and even the dark chocolate chips. It certainly isn’t vegetables and salad but it’s all about balance and enjoying your meals. When I get a Red Mango parfait, I layer the yogurt (and sometimes it is greek frozen yogurt) with lots of berries, Nature’s Path granola and dark chocolate chips. Adding some peanut butter is a great option as well.

  7. Hey I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award (my most recent blog post)! Check it out 🙂 Coincidentally, there are pictures of cupcakes in my post too 😉

  8. Hello Meredith,
    Ah…I really love the song “Really Don’t Care” too! Like you, I totally get what you mean about Crumbs closing. It’s so sad, especially b/c it’s that people wouldn’t get them b/c of being calorie conscience. I mean, I get the idea of “being healthy/eating healthy” is overall better for us…BUT…I totally get what you mean by our big cups of fro-yo with all the yummy toppings pretty much equal (or more) the same amount of calories (and sugar) as cupcakes. People just THINK it’s healthier b/c the toppings are on top of yogurt. Anyways, it’s all quite funny. I hope fro-yo places don’t ever go out of business (I don’t think they will, though!) 🙂
    ~Amy 🙂

    1. I hope they don’t go out of business either! I do think however that slowly over time a majority of them will close because there are wayyyyy too many opened right now. The best ones will stick around and I am hopeful Red Mango is one of them.

      1. I agree, Meredith. We have a lot of them, too (which I personally don’t mind!) My favorites, which I hope will stick around: Orange Leaf, Yogurtland and Yogurtini.
        Anyways, have a great weekend!
        ~Amy 🙂

  9. Workouts clothes are worn as much as possible over here! Especially cute ones! Love your outfit!
    I hate rest days…I’m always on a roll then its like, “BOOM”, gotta stop today. Makes me feel like I’m losing my momentum. But i know as a runner, i gotta take that rest day or my calves and hamstrings will hate me.

  10. How the hell did you get off my bloglovin? I had to re-add you. Way to go Meredith 😉

    Okay now back to this. YES. This is ironic because in NYC, I’d get on occasion a crumbs cupcake (and thanks to the calorie counts, would be between 350-500 depending on the flavour) and eat it and enjoy. Some of my friends would pass and be ‘healthy’ and go to 16 handles and get yogurt and a tonne of toppings- which no doubt would equate or surpass a cupcake. And besides yes maybe it is 20 cals an once or whatever, but the size of those cups……I doubt anyone hits anything less than 8. BEFORE toppings.

    Rant over. 🙂

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