Crumbs May Re-Open And Skipping A 5K Race


I took it upon myself to swing by the shop formerly known as Crumbs just for us to see it with our own eyes.


No sign or anything posted anywhere to explain why the doors are locked, the chairs are on top of the tables or why the bakery cases are missing cupcakes.

Although even during those traumatizing times when I would arrive at Crumbs and they would be out of cupcakes, they never offered me an explanation as to how a cupcake shop could run out of cupcakes several hours before closing time.

Fear not however, it is looking as though Crumbs may reopening under new ownership with a slightly different company vision. Click here to read all about it.

I ran ten miles yesterday morning. I didn’t mean to, it was just one of those routine runs that suddenly got extended because I was la-de-da babbling on the phone.

KushyFoot socks

Note the new KushyFoot athletic socks. We will talk about them next week.

I love running alone but most of the time really appreciate an early morning phone call with a friend so we can chit-chat some miles away.

Something weird happened to me though when I wasn’t talking on the phone. I was singing. Out loud. Along with Taylor Swift.


….I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-twooooooo…twenty-twooooo…..

Since when do I sing out loud while I run? Never. Only this song. I don’t even understand.

I don’t need to tell you my pace for yesterday’s run since I spent most of it on the phone or singing like a sweaty fool which translates in runner terms to a conversation pace meaning nothing too strenuous.

So I was just looking at my planner and suddenly noticed I listed a 5k race for tomorrow morning with a question mark next to it.

Hmm. I sort of forgot about this race. I hate 5k races but had considered this one because it offered $150 prize for the first place winner per age group.

I like to think who I am for placing second last summer and now consider coming in first for my age a possibility.

So here’s the thing. I would love to run for the chance to win the money but already made plans to leave pretty early for a beach day with the girls.

While a 5K race is done super fast, the whole getting there, running, receiving the trophy and money (high hopes here, high hopes) and getting home would throw us all off schedule.

So I do not think I am changing my plans.


Seldom will I skip a run but I will skip races that don’t fit into my schedule. In fact, I was just thinking yesterday that I haven’t signed up for fall races yet and don’t even know that I care.

I challenge myself each week. I increase my mileage, get better at endurance, work on getting faster all without the need to train for a race.

I may sign up for some races still, I have a few half marathons in mind, but who knows.

They really aren’t all that important to me. Is that bad? I don’t think so.

Time with my son, family and friends, especially outdoor summer sunshine time is just more important to me, especially since I can still run long tomorrow morning, just a bit earlier than usual to fit all the fun in.

I really could use that cash prize though. Can you imagine how many Red Mango parfaits I could treat myself to with all of that money?


Do you sing out loud while you run?

When is your next race?

Do you need a race on your calendar to stay motivated?

What are your plans for this weekend?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

18 thoughts on “Crumbs May Re-Open And Skipping A 5K Race”

  1. I was reading in Runner’s World about runners who don’t sign up for races and just do it for themselves! We don’t always need to be working toward a race, sometimes it’s nice just to increase mileage or work on speed just to see how you improve by yourself.

  2. Duh I sing out loud. Well, let me amend that statement–I don’t always necessarily sing out loud but I often vigorously mouth the words. Sometimes, it is way too much effort to make the noises 😀

    1. Haha you should know I just laughed out loud from your comment. It can be too much effort sometimes to sing the words out loud, especially when running. So maybe that’s why I never really do? I don’t know what got into me yesterday.

  3. Why are Taylor Swift songs so catchy? I’ve never been a big fan of her, but I listen to country on the radio, so inevitably I know every word to every one of her songs and find myself singing her songs all. the. time. when they come on.

  4. I feel ya about the races! I prefer to keep my weekends open in case some fun plans come up. I don’t compromise on runs, but I don’t feel the need to have a gajillion races on the calendar. I am strongly considering an end-of-November marathon, which would mean I’d have to start sticking to a more serious racing schedule super soon. But we’ll see!

  5. Yes, I sing 🙂 No fall races on the calendar for me either and oddly I’m ok with that. I can’t believe I really just said that and meant it without doubt. What’s happening here?

    1. I guess I am not on the only one not so caring at the moment about my next race! I have been like this since last summer. I am sure I will sign up for one but it just isn’t a focus of mine.

  6. Wow, Could have used the notice about the race since I’ve been on LI since Thurs; doesn’t ring a bell from any of the race calendars I looked at. Would like to check results – maybe a follow-up to my best of year 5k last week would have netted me $150 . . . Supposed to be doing the Silks & Satins 5k next Sat, but am ambivalent since though it’s flat and fast, it’s big.

    4 hard, 2 easy miles on TOBAY/Jones Beach bike path. Unfortunately, the Red Mango at the beach was closed by the time I finished.

    Sometimes I find myself singing, mostly quietly and acappella as I don’t listen while I run.

    On LI for the weekend, visiting family and maybe friends and checking out some places other than Robert Moses/Fire Island to run . . .

  7. I really do hope Crumbs stays open…….I was showing a picture to a mate the other day of the Giant ones they sold for around $35!

    Correlating prize money to red mango parfaits- Oh Meredith. I like your thinking.

  8. haha omg, sometimes when I zone out, I accidentally start singing on my runs and it’s a little embarrassing when I run past someone and I realize what I was doing!

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