WIAW – Crumbs Closed Plus Lots Of Salads

bbq ranch salad

I am very sorry if you didn’t receive yesterday’s post via email. I still don’t know why exactly the glitch happened but even if I was given an explanation, it would probably be in some technical language that I wouldn’t understand enough to explain to you anyway.

Before we get on with today’s post, the answer is YES, I am well aware that Crumbs Bake Shop has suddenly closed all locations.

I am honored to have received so many notifications from basically every person I know with links to the news reports, tags on facebook and other social media shout outs.

It is quite possible the downfall of Crumbs was due to the demise in my cupcake craving back in 2012.

I loved the Fudge Brownie one, I really did, and I loved the chocolate Fudge Chip and the Boston Crème (ohh the Boston Crème).

But I just kind of got over it so my few times a week Crumbs visits came to a screeching halt.

crumbs brownie cupcake

I am glad to have had my final Crumbs cupcake on Mother’s Day.

If Red Mango should ever go out of business, it would probably mean I got over my parfait habit but I just don’t see that happening so I guess we won’t see Red Mango suddenly shutting the doors. At least I hope not. I may now live in fear of this.


Let’s talk about food. And coffee. I bought a new coffee flavor.

smores coffee

I was drawn to this flavor mainly because the thought of S’mores excited my tastebuds. I can’t say for sure that my cup of coffee tasted as though I was drinking marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers but the smell made me happy and knowing the name was S’mores tricked me into thinking it was a really good choice.

Sort of like picking nail polish.

nail polish

I take polish selecting super seriously and like to find not just a pretty color but a polish name that fits my mood.

You should know I always avoided the color Starter Wife because I was afraid I would jinx myself by wearing it yet I still ended up divorced. Such a shame to think I went so long without wearing a pretty shade of pink.

Anyway, pre-run breakfast over the last few days has been different.

My appetite changes without warning. I was waking up in the middle of the night late last week starving which led me into the kitchen around 2:00 am for frozen banana chunks (don’t judge me or my choices) to all of a sudden not as starving in the morning before and even after my runs.

And along with the decrease in starvingness came the craving for the crunch of a super toasted English muffin instead of oatmeal.

english muffin blueberries

Just half of a whole wheat English muffin topped with mashed peanut butter and banana, jelly and blueberries is the perfect amount for me to eat right before a run.

I like that I can eat this literally twenty minutes before heading outside and not feeling as though I ate at all.

I don’t know why I find this half an English muffin more satisfying than a slice of my favorite cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast but sometimes things go unexplained.

After my runs I haven’t felt like greek yogurt so I have been repeating the English muffin and peanut butter thing with lots of fruit.

My protein may be a bit lacking these last couple of days for properly balanced muscle recovery but I am not perfect and I have been adding chia seeds to the English muffins so I can at least get credit for that, right?

And if you are curious as to how all those pints of blueberries are doing, I am plowing right through them.

blueberries peanut butter

I love that I hoard yogurt store spoons and I really love blueberries (or really any fruit) with peanut butter. I snack on this combo all day long.

So in my attempt to stop food shopping so often, I have been making due with what I have on hand for lunch.

As I said on instagram the other day, I have a knack of creating healthy, tasty and satisfying lunches with minimal ingredients.

chick pea and rice salad

Chick peas, leftover brown rice medley, plum tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, peppers and lots of avocado.

Another great salad creation of mine involved sweet potatoes in place of the rice.

sweet potato salad

I highly recommend you roast a bunch of sweet potato wedges in advance and keep them in the refrigerator as an easy snack, side dish or salad ingredient.

I know I spoke yesterday all about saving money on groceries to support my summer weekend dining out habit and briefly mentioned our new weeknight meal planning but sometimes you just have no choice but to go out for dinner.

The other night, my son had an orthodontist appointment after camp. The orthodontist’s office isn’t all that close to home and the timing of the appointment combined with how cranky I get when hungry plus the traffic left us with no choice but to stop somewhere for dinner.

My son requested Whole Foods for the food bar. I hate to say no to the food bar but for the same price, I knew we could treat ourselves to The Cheesecake Factory where we would get more food on our plates plus a pleasant restaurant dining experience.

bbq ranch salad

I have let you in on my Cheesecake Factory money-saving tip in the past but in case you are new or forgot, I will tell you again.

Just don’t tell them I told you to do this…

The trick for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory is to order your salad (or other dish on the menu but I don’t know why anyone would order anything other than the barbecue ranch salad) right before 5:00 pm.

Technically, you still qualify for the lunch menu pricing but your server will figure you are there for dinner and bring you the larger-sized dinner portion.

You will eat it and love it and then when the bill comes and they charge you the full dinner price, you ever so kindly and innocently inform them that you thought by ordering before 5:00 pm (which the time on the bill will clearly show – 4:52 pm to be exact for us the other night), you were ordering from the lunch menu.

Bill adjusted. Dinner for the price of lunch.

You’re welcome.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week!


Are you sad about Crumbs closing? Which cupcake was your favorite?

Do you pay attention to the names of the nail polishes?

If you wake up hungry in the middle of the night, what do you eat?

Favorite salad ingredients lately?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

28 thoughts on “WIAW – Crumbs Closed Plus Lots Of Salads”

  1. Crumbs did NOT close down…..I still remember buying a grasshopper and getting diabetes.

    You’re habits alone at Red Mango are keeping them in business. Truth.

    Off topic, but I think it may have been a WP thing- no one got my Monday post!

  2. Hehe love the cheesecake factory tip! I have had their salads before, and they are good, and HUGE, but I try to get something new each time. Of course that includes a slice of cheesecake after….although the Adams Reeses one is my favorite so far. That is crazy whole foods bar costs as much as cheesecake factory!!!!

    1. I just can’t deviate from my salad. It is too good and too filling for me to skip it…I don’t like cheesecake but the Reeses one is decent (if I eat around the cheesecake parts) and my son orders it on occasion…And yes, Whole Foods food bar totally adds up to the same price as Cheesecake Factory if not more.

  3. You are so badass with your cheater Cheesecake Factory bill-adjust. SO BADASS. I am sorry about Crumbs closing because it feels like the end of an era, but I think I’ve only ever had like one bite of a crumbs cupcake, so I can’t say that it will impact my life all that much….

  4. I am STUNNED that I didn’t know about this Crumbs closing. Ok granted I always meant to go to one but never did. I guess the cupcake phase just is over. As for nail polish, I love to pick the color and best name 🙂 Essie has some great ones.

  5. Bahahaha love the Cheesecake Factory hack. That’s classic. I also love to throw whatever I have in a bowl and call it lunch/dinner. I hadn’t thought about using sweet potato chunks, though! Such a good idea. Do you have a specific way to roast/season them, or just throw em in the oven?

    1. A lot of the time I microwave the potato quick just to soften it and then slice it and throw it in the oven at 450 degrees for as long as I can wait (I have no patience). I usually spray them with coconut oil and sometimes season them depending upon my flavor mood but even with nothing, they are delicious. I know I have done a post recently on getting them nice and crispy. I have to look for that post for you. It was in May.

  6. I’m definitely bummed about Crumbs closing! The cookie dough cupcake was my absolute favorite – now I’m wishing I’d gotten one while I was at the mall this past weekend.
    Awesome cheesecake factory tip! I might have to try it out one night this week 🙂

  7. I hadn’t heard that Crumbs closed!! That’s crazy!!
    I think I need that coffee asap…kind of obsessed with s’mores 🙂

  8. I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever had a cupcake from Crumbs… which now makes me sad since I guess I’ll never get the chance to. Ahh well. And is it horrible that I don’t usually pay attention to nail polish names, to the point where when people ask me what I’m wearing, I have no idea? I do occasionally catch some cute ones, but it’s basically an in one ear, out the other type of thing.

  9. that cupcake makes me want to cry a few tears of joy. that looks so freaking good. I love specialty cupcakes (minus the prices!) – they’re always so cute and delicious and I can never seem to make them myself!

  10. Dunkin Donut’s Strawberry Shortcake Coffee tastes JUST LIKE THE REAL THING – you must try it ASAP! And I am sure the brand’s other flavors…. are just as DELICIOUS! 🙂

    As for Crumbs – never ever had one before… So really I am not bothered – almost happy – about this news… However, I did love to stick my head in there and just BREATH DEEP! LOL!

  11. I think you would like Pinkberry ! And price with toppings is included – they don’t weight it….

    1. We do have Pinkberry in the mall and it is good but it so isn’t Red Mango to me. I like that they don’t weigh the cup though! I try to go to the Red Mango’s that aren’t self-serve which totally saves me several dollars at a time. It’s insane.

  12. Haha I actually work at a cupcake store located in Michigan (5 locations total all in Michigan all around the metro Detroit area). I go through phases of getting absolutely sick of cupcakes and then loving them and shoving them down my throat lol…it all just depends. But I heard about crumbs and was pretty surprised to hear that they were closing!!! However, there are still other specialty cupcake stores (Sprinkles), so maybe they just do better and Crumbs fell to the wayside? I’m not sure!

    1. Is it my imagination or was Crumbs owned by the same people as Sprinkles? I swear I heard that…I go through phases on the cupcake thing too although they do say that working in a bakery means you are so sick of the sweets you never want them. I don’t know if that would be the case for me!

  13. I love love love roasted veggies in my salads! Sweet taters, squash, asparagus, mushrooms and onions are my jam to roast up and toss in an otherwise raw and cold salad. The contrast just gets my tastebuds going every time! Lately I have been lovin fruit in my salads too. Ever had peaches in a saladbeast? So good, and probably even better if said peaches were grilled 😉

    1. I love roasted veggies in my salads and totally love mixing the hot and cold too! I like peaches but I am sometimes allergic to them (oral allergy syndrome) so I tend to avoid them in my salads but I bet they are delicious mixed in!

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