Chocolate Fondue Is My Favorite



Where did June go? Has anyone else realized next Friday is the Fourth of July which means somewhere between now and then June will end and July will begin?

I don’t even understand. It is all a blur.

This whole week is a blur as well. A good blur of graduation parties, ceremonies, good food and some runs thrown in of course.

The beauty of being a morning runner is a packed schedule seldom interferes with your workout.

You know I need to expand on the good food part of this conversation, right?

max brenner menu

We arrived in the city yesterday in time for our lunch reservation.

You should know that a ride to Manhattan can take me twenty minutes or three hours, depending upon the traffic. I don’t even want to discuss the ride home which was yeah, about three hours. My lower legs were craving my compression socks to sit in one position for that long. I may need to keep a pair of compression socks in my trunk along with the first-aid kit, emergency blanket, tampons, granola bars and water.

Anyway, the food and the fun made it worth it.

onion rings

Of course we ordered the onion rings which were served with a cocoa ranch dipping sauce. I never really cared for ranch dressing but this one was tasty. Can you taste the cocoa? I don’t really think so but it was good.


This picture doesn’t do the salad justice. It was a chick pea and quinoa salad which happened to be loaded with avocado and cherry tomatoes, a honey Dijon vinaigrette and onion rings since I am smart and saved some from our appetizer to chop up into the mix.

Let’s talk about the dessert.

Meet the chocolate syringe.

chocolate syringe

All three boys ordered the chocolate syringe which as you can see, is basically just a syringe filled with warm chocolate which you shoot directly into your mouth.

No one let me try it but I have had it before and it is a lot of fun.

chocolate pizza

My son also ordered the chocolate pizza. It is basically a pizza dough topped with chocolate and marshmallows served with a small bowl of ice cream and lots of gummy bears.

All restaurants should decorate their plates with gummy bears. Beats parsley doesn’t it?

I will forever order the chocolate fondue.


We ordered an extra bowl of strawberries because they really don’t give you enough to balance out the chocolate with your dipping snacks.

Under the chocolate chip cookies and brownies are the marshmallows which you can roast but I really had no patience for that.

I was all about dipping everything immediately, including my fingers, into the pots of chocolate.

I am a child when it comes to dessert but I think it is what keeps me young.

For some reason, I feel like admitting to you that when my son went to the bathroom, I sneaked on over to his plate to snag some of his ice cream. I really just wanted a spoonful to dip in the warm pots of chocolate fondue.

It’s not like he was going to finish it or willingly share it with me. Please don’t tell him.

So it’s Friday. Another beautiful weekend in the forecast here which hopefully means beach time for me. I am contemplating taking my long run to the boardwalk tomorrow morning instead of my usual long run loop.

I am also contemplating a Fourth of July four mile race which I ran two years ago. I probably won’t decide until the middle of next week since I will wait to register based upon the weather, my mood and my other plans.

I think I am leaning towards running it though. Why not, right?

Have a terrific weekend!


What do you keep in your trunk? Do you keep emergency items or just load it up with junk that you should really clean out?

Favorite food to dip in melted chocolate?

What’s next on your race calendar?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

16 thoughts on “Chocolate Fondue Is My Favorite”

  1. Oh, Max Brenner. You Bastion of Gluttony, you. Asking what is my favorite thing to dip into chocolate is like asking my favorite child (if I had one), yoga pose, or vegetable. i will dip anything into chocolate, and happily.
    I actually wrote my college admittance essay on what I kept in my car–all of the horse stuff, my text books, my bandaids, etc–and what it said about me. I hope I can find it, it was an awesome piece!

  2. Oh yes, I am right there with you on the desserts thing. Some…most…days I just make it through dinner to get to dessert, although I was actually a little underwhelmed with ma branner when I went….I must have chosen the wrong things. Fondue is amazing, have you ever had melting pot??? MMMMM

    1. Some of the Max Brenner sundaes are too small and underwhelming. Which did you order? I am not impressed with the dessert pizzas either. The kids seem to like it. Amateurs. lol…I actually have Melting Pot literally less than half a mile from my house. I haven’t gone now though in almost two years!

  3. That fondue looks insanely amazing. I think I popped into Max Brenner once for a hot chocolate…I should go again when I come back 🙂
    Right now my trunk is full of clothes to donate!

    1. I am forever cleaning out the closets and making those donations bags. Sometimes putting them in the trunk makes me feel accomplished and clean but then it’s the whole getting the bags somewhere to donate that becomes the additional task and issue. No wonder my trunk always ends up overloaded easily.

  4. Meredith,
    Thanks for “liking” my post today, BTW! I appreciate that!
    This dessert place you went to…with the chocolate “shot syringe and the fondue with fruit/desserts to dip…all looks so delicious.
    Ha ha ha! I LOL when I read that you snagged some of his ice cream when he went to the restroom. 😉
    In any event, I’m glad that you two had a great time!
    ~Amy 🙂

      1. “P.S.” Meredith, I have a question for you. This has to do with blogging, so if you want to email me separately from my page, Please feel free. I’ve been thinking of putting up ads onto my blog. You have a great blog and I was wondering if you’d mind revealing which ad companies you are working with? That’d be so great.
        Thank you!
        ~Amy 🙂

  5. 3 hours of being stuck in traffic? I couldn’t even imagine. Omg. And can you believe that there’s absolutely nothing in my trunk? The only time I ever open it is to stick groceries in there, and since I take them out right away… yeah. Always clean.

    Also… is it crazy that that chocolate syringe actually made me cringe big time? THAT is how far my fear of needles goes — I can’t handle them even if they’re filled with chocolate.

    1. I applaud you for having nothing in your trunk. I don’t have a messy trunk (anymore) but I always have my beach chairs and emergency stuff like first aid kits, blanket, a random ball or sports stuff from my son…And yes, I consider you crazy to cringe from anything that involves chocolate, even if it is a syringe lol. I hate needles too. Big time.

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