Back-to-Back Long Runs


When I heard on Friday that my son’s little league game was switched to 9:00 am Saturday morning (meaning you are on the field at 8:30 am) instead of 3:30 pm in the afternoon, I was less than pleased.

little league

I don’t think the coaches really cared or understood that Saturday morning is my long run morning.

Naturally a morning person, I had some maneuvering to do in order to make my run happen and still have time to shower and eat all before making it to the field for the start of the game.

On a side note, I always factor in my time to eat. Don’t you love the people who tell you they haven’t eaten all day because they had no time? I just don’t understand. Like, I don’t get it at all.

I toyed with different ideas and scenarios such as running super fast to get the miles done sooner (not ideal for a long run since a long run is about endurance not speed), I could skip the run (ha, not happening), I could run later in the day (totally not happening), reschedule the run for another day or just run fewer miles.

I chose to get up an hour earlier and run just ten miles. I love when I say just ten as if that’s nothing. It’s something, trust me.

But, as I made the decision to run ten and since that is less than the usual, I conjured up the idea of running back to back ten-mile runs for the weekend.

Simultaneously in that thought I questioned why I couldn’t just hold off on the long run until Sunday altogether but then I realized I am a runner who is nutty who feels the need to run long on Saturday because it’s what I do and if I didn’t, I risk throwing off my entire equilibrium.

I actually liked running earlier than normal on Saturday (I actually squeezed in 11 miles). It’s almost as if you bang out a bunch of miles before you normally begin making it as if they were given to you without you doing anything. Does that make any sense?

I didn’t love bouncing back out the door to get the day going but I felt really good. I made sure not to sit in the bleachers for the two-hour game because I felt like that would stiffen my legs and make me miserable.

Not that standing on my feet for two hours was too terrific but the game was good and my son played well and we got to eat lunch right after so I was happy.

red mango parfait

I don’t always run on Sundays and if I do, it is usually a shake-out run. But, my mind was set on ten miles even with the extra one thrown in on Saturday.

I kept the pace easy after running on Saturday but I must admit, I didn’t even feel as though I ran on Saturday.

shadow from running

In fact, both days were rather pleasant. The types of runs where you feel as though you were sleeping to then wake up and question where you have been for the last several miles.

Kind of like when you are driving and suddenly end up on your street and wonder how it is you got there and if you were actually paying attention to the road. I mean, you totally are paying attention yet you get so lost in thought you forget what you are doing?

True story – A few months after we moved a bunch of years ago, I automatically drove straight up the driveway of our old house without thinking what I was doing. I guess I was on autopilot.

Good thing I didn’t try to unlock the front door.

Anyway, other than running, I literally ran all over the place with so many things to do. It’s that time of year, isn’t it? Always somewhere to be, something to do, something to spend money for…

It’s fine though. As long as I fit my long run in to the schedule, no one gets hurt.

And of course, as long as I can fit in dessert, we are all good.

cold stone sundae

I haven’t the slightest idea why Cold Stone sometimes decides to chocolate dip their bowls without a final dip into the rainbow sprinkles. I ask them and they just stare at me as if no one has ever questioned this before or maybe because it makes them realize they forgot a step and they feel ashamed. I don’t know.

And to go with the trend of a bazillion things to do in the month of May and June, today I get to attend a play-type thing at my son’s school for a few hours.

My plan is to see how many voices and faces I can recognize from those children who infiltrate my house via facetime all day and night.

Kids today live in a totally different world I tell you…


What time of day do you run?

Are you ever so busy you skip a meal or do you always make time to eat?

Favorite ice cream/yogurt topping?

Ever drive to the wrong house not realizing what the heck you were doing?



Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

21 thoughts on “Back-to-Back Long Runs”

  1. Sounds like the beginning of doing doubles to me 😉 But seriously, it’s probably even better that you got more miles in over 2 days than squeezing it in on one. I know what you mean with those peaceful runs where you feel like you were sleeping…had one of those yesterday 🙂

    1. Aside from stomach viruses, the only meal I missed was one when I was pregnant and lunch made me so nauseous that I couldn’t eat dinner…I did however skip straight to dessert to make me feel better. Yeah, I totally remember this even though it was over 10 years ago lol.

  2. I’m a bigggggg fan of the long runs. They’re my favorite day of the week, no matter what day they’re on. Back to back runs is tough but that’s kind of what I’m preparing myself for right now. I did 10 and 6 this weekend, and next weekend I’m trying to do 10 and 8 so I’m ready for the runner’s world hat trick in a few weeks. And coldstone ALWAYS makes life better. Always.

  3. I’m so impressed that you can just pound out those miles! I’m hoping one day I can get myself to such a point but it would probably help if I were a little more consistent 🙂 and per usual your ice cream looked delish!

  4. Nice job with the back to back long runs.
    I usually like mid-day for track and speed workouts.
    Been skipping too many day time meals lately leading to huge dinners.
    Peanut butter or/and butterscotch, though rarely.
    Moving after 20 years in the same house meant occasional auto-pilot trips to the old place.

  5. I love long runs! I usually do them Saturdays or Sundays, and run after work 🙂
    I never miss meals – I always pack something just in case I won’t be around food for awhile, like a granola bar or an apple. I hate being hungry, and I can’t think straight when my stomach is growling! Haha!
    My fave topping has to be nutty. Nuts, peanut butter, Reese’s cups. Anything like that!

  6. Yeah, I definitely don’t get ‘those people’ who forget to eat. Seriously?!? But, I do believe it’s possible to become desensitized to hunger that you don’t feel those signals from your body. That, however, is not me. Props to you for getting out early Saturday morning. I love the days I get a workout or swim in early; makes the rest of the day feel wide open for whatever else is going on.

    1. Exercising in the early morning is the best way to get the day going and keep up a consistent routine. I do not understand people who forget to eat! I base my day around making sure I have an emergency snack and meals thrown into our plans!

  7. I’ll never understand the “too busy to eat” thing either. Or even better when people say they forgot to eat. Like… what?! I can’t even get busy with other things when I’m not properly fed because all I do is think about what I want to eat. Heck, I’m usually snacking on something half of the time I’m doing “other things” anyways. And chocolate chips or fumbled cookies on vanilla ice cream will always always be my #1 combo.

  8. That ice cream looks soooo good. I don’t really have a favorite flavor of ice cream, totally depends on my mood. But, it usually involves chocolate somewhere.

  9. I’m horrible about skipping lunch – and then I regret it at dinner time because it always makes my stomach hurt. You would think I would learn but nope!
    Glad you had to great runs this weekend!

  10. I am the same way when it comes to running, I have to get a morning run in or I am just so unmotivated and end up hating my run! I also just love a nice sweat session in the morning to get me moving and going for the day 🙂
    I have to say too I love your bluntness with people, I mean come on I totally agree with that chocolate cone, why would they just leave the sprinkles out! Valid question in my book!

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