Thinking Out Loud – Random Thoughts And Rainbow Cookies


Amanda, our Thinking Out Loud link-up host, is currently on a beautiful beach somewhere in Hawaii soaking up the sunshine. While I miss her terribly, she deserves this trip after a grueling winter in Edmonton where the temperatures have been far worse than any Polar Vortex a New Yorker like me can complain about.


1. There is nothing like a new pair of running shoes.


I know we all have different feet but seriously, these Adidas Energy Boost are the best running shoes ever. Like, Ever.

I would have loved a different color this time around but the store didn’t have another option. Remember, the color of your running shoes means nothing compared to the importance of the fit.

2. I keep trying to use my gym key to open the front door of my house and my house key to get into the gym. Where is my head?

3. Peanut butter can go with anything. Except maybe for pizza. My son and I have this conversation all of the time. You name the food, I will tell you peanut butter can only enhance the culinary experience.

But pizza? I don’t think so…although, hmm. If pineapple works on pizza, and peanut butter is awesome with pineapple, maybe peanut butter and pineapple would work together on pizza? Maybe we need to try this.

Click here for an article from Shari’s Berries which offers us a detailed look into the many different ways to eat your peanut butter that you probably haven’t thought about trying. 

4. Is there anything worse than opening the door to the dryer only to find a full load of clean clothes you didn’t know about?


And here I thought I was missing socks because they were all due to be washed, not realizing they were clean and waiting for me to fold.

5. My son and I made a hockey-related bet yesterday. If I was right, he had to buy me ice cream. If I was wrong, I had to buy him ice cream.

Either way, we were getting ice cream. You so want to hang out with us, don’t you…

When we made the ice cream bet, I knew in the back of my mind we meant self-serve frozen yogurt.


If your yogurt outweighs your hot fudge, you are doing it all wrong.

6. Let’s talk rainbow cookies. Or, as some folks refer to them, seven-layer cookies. Actually, I have a feeling that people outside the tri-state area may not even know what kind of cookie I am talking about at all.


Probably my most favorite cookie as a child, I am feeling the need to perhaps tackle the process of making of making my own. I have had rainbow cookies on my mind since last night when my son loaded his frozen yogurt cup with pieces of the cookies.

You should know that he loads so many random toppings into his cup that you aren’t even tempted to eat his leftovers because the flavors don’t combine well. At all. Not that I have tried or anything.

Now, it is a lengthy process to make the rainbow cookie. Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for the cookie but I would love to find one without artificial food coloring.

If I am making something at home, I really try to be mindful of the artificial stuff, especially food colorings, to the best of my ability.

7. The nice weatherman this morning has informed me that after today, we are headed for a bit of a warm up. Outdoor runs appear to be on my horizon for the foreseeable future.

I am already up to my spring running wardrobe, especially my race outfit for next month’s Fitness Magazine Women’s Half. I have my eye on this new Run Times tank from Lulu Lemon.

To finish off today’s randomness, this ecard made me laugh this morning:



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Most interesting way that you like to eat your peanut butter?

Have you bought spring workout apparel yet?

How often do you forget you have clothes in the wash or in the dryer?





Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

15 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Random Thoughts And Rainbow Cookies”

  1. There’s a vegan pizza served in Cambridge with a spicy peanut sauce (almost like peanut butter!) and apparently it’s the most popular thing at the restaurant! I like to make curries with peanut butter…soo rich and yummy!

    1. Oh, I bet that is good! I can see a peanut sauce if the pizza is a thai or Chinese style. I am wondering how peanut butter would go with a tomato sauce? Hmm. We all need to try it just to see. lol

  2. You’re tempting me with yellow shoes. Mizuno just released the yellow for my model of choice and I’ve been going back and forth with buying a pair. I think you just solidified my decision for when I head into work tonight. Bad influence!

  3. Well, I personally think that PB doesn’t go with -anything- 😛 Almond butter, on the other hand? That can definitely do no wrong. I have to admit that I’ve never tried it on pizza, but I can’t imagine it tasting bad. And while I can’t say that I ever forget about the clothes that I have in the drier, I can say that I’m often too lazy to take them out so I end up leaving them in there for a few days and only pick out the single pieces that I immediately need 😆

    1. At least you remember you had a load waiting to be folded! I completely forgot about it. I hope you are having the best time in Hawaii- totally miss you! Be honored, I miss very few people….lol

  4. Those shoes look amazing! I’m obsessed with the colour. Mine are neon pink and they just brighten up every workout! Also, it’s only me and my boyfriend living together, and I leave laundry in the dryer all the time. In fact, there is currently a load of whites “drying” for the third time right now. I hope to have them folded tonight, but I don’t have any other laundry that needs drying yet, so no promises…

  5. I always do the towels last on laundry day – that way if anything gets left in the dryer it’s just the towels and I don’t care how wrinkled they are!!!
    I love your new shoes – I used to run in Adidas but it’s been a long time.

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