Thinking Out Loud…Cookies, Clouds and Care Bears


Boy am I glad that today just so happens to be time to link up with Amanda in order for me to think out loud.


My brain is on overload.

Not from my personal life, not from raising a little boy who thinks I am only cool when I make him grilled cheese with bacon and not from my writing workload.

My brain is on overload from the extra wide variety of apps, search engines, social media platforms, internet options and who knows what other technical words I can throw in here to get my point across.

Want to find a recipe using cauliflower for dinner? Click here, here, here or here then download and install this app and then click here.

Love the recipe? Did you take a picture? Edit now and share it simultaneously on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Stumbleupon , Google+, Pinterest and email by clicking here!

Looking for a fitness routine? Try this search engine, app, Pinterest board, ebook, this blog or click here, here and here plus here but only here if you have upgraded your browser, cleared your cache but allowed a cookie.


When did life get so complicated and involved and technical?

I know all of these apps and platforms and internet options are supposed to help us but lately I just don’t feel assisted.

I feel drained, torn and honestly, overwhelmed.

If you haven’t learned by now, very little overwhelms me. I have a really good grasp, if I do say so myself, on remaining calm and balanced throughout every area and situation in my life.

But the internet lately? The options?

The amount of websites I am able to view THAT REALLY SAY THE SAME THING and then the option to load them all for a ride on a cloud so that they land on every device I own?

untitled (3)

Every time I hear about this cloud stuff my brain automatically thinks Care Bears.

Call me old-fashioned but isn’t it all a bit too much sometimes?

No wonder there is such a rise in attention deficit disorder. Who can focus?

So many options, apps, gadgets and gizmos that can sync you to the latest fitness and/or diet trend, the latest must-have “recipe” guaranteeing you to become better and stronger at everything yet America is still overweight and probably even more sedentary with all this web surfing and floating on clouds.

I once knew an old-school and wise man. When he heard of all the diet crazes and fads, he only would utter two words: LESS INTAKE

Without going too far into his theory, for the most part he is correct. Eat a little less…and move a little more.

I have decided his old-school theory now applies to modern technology. LESS INTAKE.


Although, should TASTE IT! ever become a sharing button, please let me know. That may be something worth looking into.

Until then, at least in my world, the clouds are for the Care Bears and cookies still mean chocolate chip.


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When someone says cookie, what’s your first thought?

Ever overwhelmed by the internet options?






Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

15 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud…Cookies, Clouds and Care Bears”

  1. Snickerdoodle… but that’s mostly because I came across a recipe for one this morning that reminded me that I haven’t baked a batch of what may be my favourite holiday cookies this year.

    I definitely have to agree with you, though — the amount of things we have to be “tuned in” to on a daily basis is just insane. I’ve recently gotten a -little- more comfortable with it, but social media used to stress me out so.flippin.much because I felt like I just couldn’t keep up with it, and that if I’d let it go unattended for even 15 minutes, I’d fall so far behind. And when I’m trying to write a blog post? It takes me FOREVER because I have like 15 different tabs open and I’m Tweeting, on Facebook, checking Instagram, commenting on other blogs, looking up recipes/facts/etc. — it honestly makes me feel like -I- have ADHD sometimes. I love the idea of less intake, but being able to put it into practice is a whole other thing…

    1. My biggest problem with it all is that most of the information being thrown at us is all the same – new apps, new search engines, new ways to store and track your life—yet it is all the same as what we already use and have….I also feel like I fall behind if I miss too much time being unplugged!

  2. So true to all of this! I constantly feel like I am too scattered/confused/overwhelmed by technology – specifically social media. And that I need to update everything all the time or I’m already out of the loop. It’s a lot. I try to stop with all technology at around 9pm to let myself wind down for the day. It’s addictive.

  3. I have been feeling EXACTLY the same about all the technology and social media lately. On one hand it’s helpful and has made our lives easier to a certain degree, but now we’re at a point where it’s just stressful and overwhelming. I keep two separate twitter, instagram and email accounts and when I fall behind on one or the other, I feel like I’ve forgotten about an assignment!

  4. Hahaha. This is awesome. My boss just took a week and did a digital detox and I’m tell you, that idea has never sounded better than it does right now.

  5. Cookies? Soft chocolate cookies with chocolate shaving? I correctly understand? 😉
    In general, when I started developing the blog, I was shocked by that, how social it is necessary to be. Exchange on ALL social networks of the world? Too difficult for me! Therefore I hold only Pinterest and Instagram… And Bloglovin, certainly!

  6. When someone says cookie, I automatically think of chocolate 🙂 you can never go wrong…

    The internet…what would we do without the internet? I can list a million other things I would rather be doing..but the one thing that I love it the way it keeps us all connected. Family and friends, from all around the world, are available at the push of a button. Yet, I didn’t have cable or a vcr growing brothers and sisters and I grew up in a rural country area where we spent hours upon hours playing and exploring and discovering in the outdoors. we made fires, climbed trees, hiked through the forests, went swimming in the river, played in the mud, and had so much fun doing it!

    My son is 9 and hasn’t been exposed to half of the things I had a chance to experience as a makes me sad..but this is the world we live in nowadays.

  7. As an app developer myself, this is amusing. I strongly agree 🙂

    The whole app thing is still relatively new, but in time I think that we’ll accept apps as being similar to indie cafes, or bands. In that there’s always something new to try, and the established players don’t last forever.

    The other thing, is that we’ve reached a good climax in the amount of options out there, this level of competition we have is healthy. But the organising of it is a mess. The options are great, but the organisation of it all needs work!

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