WIAW Plus My Magical Adidas Sneakers


Just like someone who looks for the magic food or diet plan to lose weight easily, I look for the perfect sneaker to support my feet and provide me with magical runs each and every day.

As if there is some miracle of a running shoe that keeps you hitting those paces and happy endorphins each morning, pain/symptom free forever.

Newsflash: There is no magic shoe just like there is no magic food.

While this may very well be the case, I pay attention only to what I want to hear and continue my search for the perfect running shoe.


I have thrown all caution to the wind and made a major switch to Adidas. The Energy Boost if we want to get all technical with which model.

As we know, I had been trying to make my Asics last by rotating them with a pair of Brooks but my feet were just not cooperating.


It is too soon for a proper review but I didn’t want to hide these beauties from you. I did run 5 miles in them yesterday but one run is not enough to confirm if these Adidas sneakers have super powers.

wiaw fall into good habits button (2)

I considered not participating in this week’s What I Ate Wednesday but then I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and something super exciting happened so I got all food-inspired and, well, here we are.


I had just about given up looking for the Cranberry Apple Butter, assuming it was seasonal and gone until next fall….BUT THERE IT WAS.

Along with a massive delivery of the Organic Carrots of Many Colors.


Just yesterday morning I went with my two-ingredient pancake with the last last last drop of Cranberry Apple Butter.

I had been treating my last jar like an extreme cheapskate treats a tube of toothpaste. Although, it is very hard to squeeze out hidden jelly when it is contained in a basically clear container.

The little boy is still riding the grilled cheese with bacon on Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread.

Please note how little you need to get the full flavor effect:


Question for you: How do you feel about the end slices of a loaf of bread?


My favorite thing to do when I take this loaf of Ezekiel Bread out is to pick apart the pieces of the end slices. It is always loaded with raisins and the ends of this loaf remind me of the raisin rolls served in the bread baskets at some of my favorite restaurants.


You know you want a bright yellow carrot. Admit it.


I never know what I will feel like come lunch time. Yesterday it was a salad.


It may appear that lunch was at Whole Foods but it wasn’t.

If you recall, I took the big blue bowl home with me months ago when the power at Whole Foods went out while I was eating and I was told to evacuate.

My son usually buys lunch at school but he opted to bring a turkey sandwich yesterday instead. I usually hide spinach in a mix of lettuce on his sandwich but I was out of it.



This week has been easy on the dinner front because we are currently taste-testing some new and exciting kidfresh entrees.

I haven’t had to figure out what to make for the little boy and it has been quite lovely.


On Monday I made a batch of quinoa so I have been throwing it together at mealtime for myself  mixed in the above picture with roasted vegetables, tons of avocado, onion rings and some BBQ sauce.


My messy bowl of peanut butter cup apples are still my favorite nightly treat.


I almost forgot to include my beverage treats these days:


With Hanukkah three weeks behind us already, these teas keep me up to date with the holiday spirit.

It is super icy out this morning which means another indoor run. Eh. At least I have my new sneakers to look forward to.

**Please remember that I never capture everything I eat in these What I Ate Wednesday posts. It is nearly impossible for me to photograph or even remember every apple slice with peanut butter, random bite, or second plate of food that makes it to my mouth throughout the day.



Which sneakers do you swear by?

What do you do with the end slices of bread?

Favorite tea? I love Yogi but these Celestial Holiday teas have been making me happy.

Have you tried the rainbow carrots yet?











Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

9 thoughts on “WIAW Plus My Magical Adidas Sneakers”

  1. Haha I’ve never seen those different colored carrots at TJ’s! I’ll have to keep an eye out. And PB Cup apples sound like the perfect dessert. 🙂 Oh also I never eat the end slices of bread, so come on over and they’re all yours 😉

  2. I’m actually not a fan of the butt slices of bread, and the only way I’ll eat them is if they’re the last things in there and I haven’t gotten a chance to go to the store. Even then, I’ll usually alter my plans and go for something else 😆 It’s like those last bits of dried up nut butter in the bottom of the jar… Not my favourite.

    And I’m super jealous that you’ve been able to enjoy those holiday teas! We have the gingerbread and sugar plum ones up here, but I’ve never seen the sugar cookie 😦

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