Coffee And Goodies But No Fast Food

Time to make the donuts….Donut coffee that is. Jelly Donut coffee.


When I was at Target yesterday, not only did I spot these new Dunkin flavors, if you buy two bags you get the mug for free.

IMG_5333 (3)

I could not wait to jump out of bed this morning and brew a big mug of jelly donuts.

My kitchen smells like Dunkin Donuts and the flavor even screams jelly donut in your mouth.

Not that I would really know since I hardly eat donuts and when I do, I go with a boston crème or a chocolate crème filled.

But, if I were to eat a jelly donut, I have decided this is what it would taste like.

I am so glad that I took the time yesterday to run some of my errands a bit early so that my weekend can be reserved strictly for fun.

Besides Target, I made my routine stop into Trader Joe’s. Interesting thing happened as I was walking into the store:

An older man in a car stopped me asking where he and his wife could find the closest “Mickey D’s” or Wendy’s.

I realized in that moment that I haven’t a clue where the closest fast food joints are located. I must pass them all of the time but since I do not ever think of them as a meal option, I don’t pay attention to where one could find a place like “Mickey D’s”.

Make no mistake – I am fabulous with directions.  I know where just about anything is on Long Island. If you name a town, I will tell you the best place to eat. I can list all of the Red Mango locations as well as Crumbs Bake Shops.

I can even tell you where to strategically park your car at each mall if you tell me the store you wish to visit.

But, ask me to locate the nearest fast food location? Not a chance.

I informed this man that I do not eat fast food and haven’t a clue where the closest place was. I am now wondering if he noticed that he questioned someone walking into a Trader Joe’s.

Did he even know what Trader Joe’s was?

I strongly believe that unless you are stuck at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike, there is always a better food option than a fast food joint.

And really, so many places offer good food fast that I can’t even understand who makes Mickey D’s a conscious decision anymore.

In any event, rather than continue this fast food tirade, today is Friday.

My errands have been run, a majority of the work I needed to accomplish this week can be checked off my list – including three batches of brownies and blondies that needed to be baked (from scratch) for my son’s class car wash/bake sale scheduled for tomorrow.

IMG_5327 (2)

I found my secret fudge brownie recipe just in time.

IMG_5320 (2)

Quick Tip: If you need to bake a serious amount of goodies, to save time and energy, opt for blondies instead of cookies. It is the same dough but requires less effort since you can just dump your dough into a square pan and ignore it in the oven until it is done. No need to  waste energy scooping and dropping balls of dough, no need to worry about shape and form, no need to worry about getting them off the pan the right way.

Simply cut when cooled.

IMG_5329 (2)

And then wrap them up all pretty.

IMG_5330 (2)

I still have two dozen left to wrap up so I think I will do that now before I head out for a run.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Coming next week: A great giveaway from Bust Cubby!



Favorite coffee flavor?

Favorite donut?

Do you know where all the fast food joints are located?

What was your favorite treat to share with your class when you were little on your birthday?  We aren’t allowed to send in snacks anymore to the classroom due to food allergies. I used to love bringing in Dunkin Donuts munchkins!









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