Reinventing Breakfast

I could hardly wait to tell you what I ended up having for breakfast yesterday.

I feel like I invented something new. If you have done this before, please just let me have my moment here and then tell me it has already been done.

IMG_4838 (2)

OK. So. I received this bag of KIND granola in my swag bag from the Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet back in May and never opened it.

Until yesterday.

I felt like cereal. Or so I thought. I felt like granola. Or so I thought. I opened the package, tasted a cluster and loved it. But, a serving of those giant clusters don’t fill a bowl all that well, let alone my stomach.

Or so I thought.

IMG_4853 (2)

I decided to do an experiment. I measured out the serving size to get an idea of how much the package claims is your bowl of granola.

I then put the amount into my normal oatmeal pot, added water and let it boil.

Oh yes.

IMG_4835 (2)

The clusters broke down for the most part leaving me with an deliciously interesting version of an oatmeal texture mixed with crunch and a whole lot of flavor.

I added a ton of blueberries, some skim milk and a smile appeared on my face.

And in my stomach.

I must say this breakfast was super tasty and filling as well as perfect for eating before running.

And, most importantly, I was pretty full for a few hours.

Will I make it again today? I might. Or I may do something else totally insane in my world – have a bowl of cereal.

IMG_4851 (2)

Please understand, I used to love cereal. Until one day I  didn’t. The last time I ate a bowl of cereal would probably be,  sit down for this, almost 10 years ago.

This box of Nature’s Path Flax Plus called to me in the cereal section at Trader Joe’s yesterday. It must have known I have been clean sweeping the house which spawned big change somehow to my taste buds and my breakfast menu. So I bought it.

And I may even eat it today. Who knows, I may go crazy and mix in the KIND granola. And blueberries. Maybe eat it cold, hot, lukewarm mushed with milk….not sure yet.

This mixing up of breakfast is fun, so long as I am full. You don’t want to encounter me if I am not full.

Anyway, I was back to Trader Joe’s yesterday to conduct our due diligence regarding the quinoa sushi.


Let’s discuss this. Quinoa instead of rice, yes?

Well then, why is the first ingredient listed on the package as rice? Clearly, as you can see from the photo, it appears that these rolls are loaded with the white stuff, in addition I suppose to the quinoa.

I would have preferred to see a more balanced roll – meaning that the center contains more of the veggie filling with less rice/quinoa wrapped around it.

Most reviews I have read regarding their sushi seem to agree with me. Although Lish over at Jump Eat Run said she has often picked up Trader Joe’s sushi and that it is good. Maybe I will try it one of these days. Yesterday was just not the day.

Enough food for the moment. Let’s discuss runs.

I somehow ran a lot this week. It started slow after being sick yet it appears I ran 4 days in a row with two back to back 5 mile runs.

I broke up yesterday’s 5 miler by running 3 miles, then into the gym for some strength exercises and then finished up outside with another 2 miles.

I feel pretty good. Aside from needing a good leg massage.

I know I have to do the elliptical today since tomorrow is my Saturday long run. After missing last weekend’s long run, I am eager to get out there tomorrow and back on schedule.

Tomorrow just so happens to be National Waffle Day. For my local readers, I read about a new breakfast spot that opened in Smithtown, Javier’s Café.


The owner was previously a chef at Maureen’s Kitchen, the beyond super fabulous deliciously famous breakfast spot.

I am eager to try out his new place and see if it stands up to Maureen’s. I normally go for Maureen’s giant bowl of Baked Oatmeal served with the milk on the side, but who knows with me lately, I may actually order the waffles or pancakes, or be still my beating heart, eggs with hash browns.

Have a very Happy National Waffle Day and a great weekend!



Have you had KIND granola? Which is your favorite? Ever cook it? I have baked with granola, just never cooked it down into a cereal!

Are you a cold cereal eater? Which is your favorite?

Favorite childhood cereal? I would have to say Cocoa Cocoa Pebbles, Life, oh and Count Chocula, with honorable mention to Waffle Crisp.


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

6 thoughts on “Reinventing Breakfast”

  1. I love love love KIND granola! I buy it because it’s gluten free and the kind I buy has quinoa and chia seeds (the maple kind). It’s SO much more expensive but it’s so yummy! I’ve never tried that for breakfast but it sounds amazing! 🙂 Have a great weekend – yay for lots of running!

  2. I was gonna say that Meghan loves this stuff but you already know 🙂 Cooking it sounds amazing! Great idea. I might have to have a non paleo breakfast of this yummy stuff one day soon. I LOVE cereal, but I don’t eat it anymore. Lucky Charms is my all time favorite. Girl, Waffle Crisp was the best thing I’ve ever tasted and I miss it dearly. I also love Reeses Puffs and Cookie Crisp. Have a great weekend. Great job on all your runs!

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