Mental Cleaning


You see this? Hmm. I wonder if the people at Verizon saw yesterday’s post and are trying to toy with me.

They must know that I hate retrieving my mail from the mailbox so why not torture the poor girl with useless flyers in her front door.

I must say, writing up yesterday’s post made me feel so much better regarding the whole poor customer service situation.

As a writer, I have learned that getting my feelings out in written form is a total stress reliever.

Writing and running. That’s what works for me.

Speaking of running, I ran an easy 4 miles yesterday and a few the day before. I am definitely feeling better but I can’t say 100% percent myself.

In addition to being  a little tired physically, I am a bit tired mentally I think.

I have not been able to tackle the work I have on my plate this week. And that is really OK. I am not operating with an approaching deadline for anything I am currently working on therefore I am trying to give myself the chance to relax rather than waste my time trying to accomplish something that isn’t going to happen.

If you know me though, you know I can’t just relax. Nope. Not capable. So, my form of relaxing yesterday involved cleaning out drawers and closets.

You must think I live in some mansion with the amount of cleaning of closets I speak about. Not the case.

I just constantly feel like getting rid of stuff lately if we haven’t used it and I am trying to better organize and make use of space.

I also think I do this as a form of mental cleaning if that makes sense. Sometimes organizing closets and drawers helps to organize the mind as well.


If you are wondering what this odd picture of a ball collection is, I will explain.

As I cleared out a bin in my laundry area, I discovered at the bottom of the bin every random ball I have taken away from the little boy over the year.

You see, I can’t stand when he throws balls in the house. Against the wall, up in the air and occasionally, yes, at me.

I actually discovered random stashes of these balls in several different places throughout the house. Please people, stop giving my child balls. I do not buy them, somehow they get here and we don’t need them. Life isn’t safe or sane with balls flying around in my house.

Anyway, I was officially exhausted by the time I was done which coincided perfectly with the dinner hour at which I didn’t feel like cooking.


Do I really need to say where we went?

I am telling you, I could eat this salad everyday for the rest of the my life and never get tired of it.

Rumor has it The Cheesecake Factory launched some new menu items yesterday. Don’t ask me what they are because I don’t know. I never really read the menu.

I only know there are new items because that is what the waiter blamed the kitchen errors on – he said they were so focused on the new dishes that launched that they were screwing up everything else.

IMG_4814 (2)

In addition to making my salad wrong, they screwed up the little boy’s salad that comes with the half sandwich, soup salad combo. A few times. I don’t even recall all of the issues surrounding the salads but he ended up taking the final version, which became a Caesar salad, home to eat today.

IMG_4815 (2)

As long as dessert is right I don’t mind the kitchen errors.


In fact, if fudge cake is wrong, I don’t ever want to be right.



How do you relieve stress?

Do you have closets waiting to be cleaned?

Do you order your salad dressing on the side? I always do. I can’t stand my salad dripping in dressing.

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

7 thoughts on “Mental Cleaning”

  1. Running is a big stress releiver for me too – along with the other 2 R’s (religion and recipe-dabbling) 🙂
    Most def. get my dressing on the side! Sometimes, the salad has so many interesting flavors – no dressing is needed!
    Shashi @

  2. Dang, it drives me crazy when food comes out wrong time and time again… I’ve worked in the industry before and I know it sucks, so hopefully they comped something for you, at least! 🙂
    Running and writing are total stress relievers for me too. If I’m every cranky, a run ALWAYS clears up some mental space for me. 🙂 That dessert looks amazing and I’m totally wanting some.. ASAP!

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