Compromise Meals

I am not perfect. I know I know, this may come as a shock to you all. But, I cannot tell a lie, I have some faults.


You would think that once I became an adult, and then a mother, I would have learned how to probably open a package.

And, not only learn how, but actually care if I rip open a box.

I have always had an issue with packages – cereal boxes, waffle boxes (clearly), envelopes etc – I just tear them all open, not really caring that the cereal may fall out of the inside bag or that I can’t close up the box of waffles again.

IMG_4424 (2)

Listen, at least I know what to do with the waffles once I get to them.

IMG_4428 (2)

I made this quick and delish breakfast for the little boy the other morning. I can’t always whip out the waffle maker but frozen Van’s waffles do the trick just fine.

And, who doesn’t love any form of  a waffle topped with Mighty Maple peanut butter, sliced banana and syrup?

While he enjoyed every bite, it wasn’t his first choice for breakfast, he had asked for something else entirely.


He was serious too.

Now, I was not about to take out the wok at 7:00 am but I also never refuse an Asian meal to the boy who rarely agrees to join me for Chinese or Japanese food.

As a compromise, I offered him the opportunity to dine out with me for Chinese that night for dinner.

I had a Groupon for a local Asian restaurant, Wild Ginger.

IMG_4405 (2)

Wild Ginger offers both a Chinese menu and full sushi menu – I call it a compromise restaurant.

While he thought he would only order from the Chinese side of the menu, he made the decision to try sushi again.

I was glad because I hate ordering sushi alone. Do you ever feel like sushi is meant to be shared?

Whenever I go with someone who doesn’t eat sushi, it just isn’t the same to order myself a few rolls.


We shared the giant house salad which came with a peanut vinaigrette and a side of my fave ginger dressing.


He loves steamed chicken dumplings and ate them so fast we are lucky I captured a photo.

IMG_4411 (2)

Since he wanted shrimp, we ordered a shrimp mango something roll and two veggie stuffed rolls as well.

I was so proud he not only asked to try sushi again but enjoyed it. I was amused when he picked the avocado out from the rolls but I know one day he will love it.

I can’t say that Wild Ginger has the best sushi but I am a sucker for a local Groupon as well as for restaurants that offer compromise menus of decent quality.

Groupon sends me a ton of emails for other local deals but I have never purchased any of them except for the local restaurants.

Perhaps when Pure Barre opens there will be a Groupon offer. Too bad they aren’t open just yet – I could use the cross train this week!

I am off now to attempt an easy run. I know I know, I said I was taking a rest but I have that itch to get out there.

Have a great day!



Are you a Groupon buyer?

Do you open boxes correctly or are you like me and tear right in?

Quick – Chinese or Japanese food?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

5 thoughts on “Compromise Meals”

  1. Um, mini waffles, Chinese food, and sushi all in the same post?? Heaven, girl, heaven. I buy massage Groupons. So cheap. I have a difficult time with packages about half of the time. Although I don’t really buy any food in boxes anymore so I probably have difficulties all the time and just don’t know it. Does it work like that? Oooh tough – I love crappy chinese, but sushi is my favorite. I’ll go Japanese.

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