Only Thursday?

Is it really only Thursday? I swear I have been a day ahead once again this week. All day yesterday I thought it was Thursday. But it wasn’t.

Oh well.  I guess my mind is already on the weekend.


I spent some time under the giant umbrella at Lifetime yesterday afternoon with friends while trying to get some work done.

No, it is not simple to work under beautiful conditions.

But I do love having the ability to work at my own pace, work from different locations and make my own schedule.

Maybe it is the only child in me, but doesn’t everyone like to do things at their own will?

Let’s take Whole Foods for example.

I had the pleasure of having lunch at the Whole Foods food bar earlier this week.


I love the fact that I can pick an endless variety of whatever combination of salads and toppings I want to load into my big blue bowl.

And then cringe when the cashier goes to weigh it.


I couldn’t even begin to list everything that went into this bowl of expensive heaven. I know that there was the curried cauliflower, a few different salad combinations involving kale and different vegetables prepared in a variety of ways, cucumbers, a sampling of a thai chick’n and definitely some of the delicious roasted sweet potatoes.


While I love being in control, I have an extremely hard time not sampling the food while I assemble. I am like a kid in the candy store when it comes to  the Whole Foods food bar.


Do you see these cupcakes? Or should we call them muffincakes?

It is a good thing they are kept under lock and key in the bakery case or I would have had a difficult time restraining myself.

I love the fact that they are cupcakes using muffins. I love the dense texture of a muffin versus a cupcake. I love the tops of the muffins the best. Especially when topped off sundae style.

While I did not buy these, they have been on my mind and I have a feeling I am headed back to get them.

I may even choose these muffincakes over popping into Crumbs for the rainbow cookie cupcake.

My problem with Crumbs is that whenever I think I am going to go into Crumbs for a cupcake, I end up in the yogurt store that is in the same shopping center.


Of course I do. I get to behave like the kid in the candy store that I truly am.


Complete freedom to create whatever I want, how I want it. And take samples too while I make it.

th (2)

Since I am completely insane when it comes to exactly how my desserts are constructed, the self-serve yogurt stores catered directly to people like me.

Most people think that filling a cup with frozen yogurt becomes the lesser of the dessert evils.

But how innocent is it?

I came across one of Food Babe’s latest blog posts. I am choosing to share it with you because I truly value her opinion.

Frozen Yogurt Gone Bad

I hope you take the time to click on the link above to read her article regarding the problems with frozen yogurt.

In my opinion, everything in moderation. There are worse things you can eat.


Some frozen yogurt chains offer a better product than others and I have no intentions of giving up my Red Mango or my occasional self-serve yogurt sundaes.

A life without dessert is no life at all.


I need to know:

How often to do eat at the Whole Foods Food Bar? Do you pay attention to how heavy your bowl is to avoid paying an insane price?

What is your favorite type of muffin?

How do you feel about frozen yogurt? Will Food Babe’s review alter your perspective?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

6 thoughts on “Only Thursday?”

  1. Ah! I couldn’t possibly give up my Red Mango! I have eaten there an embarrassing number of times in the past few days and have plans to go again tonight for a friend’s birthday. Despite this past week or so, I agree. Moderation is key.

  2. I don’t often go to the Whole Foods bar, but I do occasionally splurge at the Wegmans food bar. So many options! Favorite type of muffin is corn muffins. I’m boring. In general though I’d almost always take a bagel over a muffin. Give me some lox and cream cheese and then that’s heaven!

  3. I actually think this week is going pretty quickly. I almost didn’t get to BodyPump today because I thought it was Wednesday. 🙂 Chocolate chip or banana nut are my favorite muffins. I’ll have to check out that fro yo article.

  4. The high price of the Whole Foods food bar scares me a bit ;). Maybe that’s why I have yet to eat there. I still want to splurge one of these days and give it a try because I hear it is quite tasty!

  5. I love the WF salad bar, but the prices kind of keep me away. I just can’t bring myself to do it when every bite = $1… haha. But it is oh so tempting and delicious!

  6. Whole Foods bar is the best but I stick with lettuce and light toppings to avoid the high bill, for sure! And I’m totally with you on being able to work as you wish! Shouldn’t everyone work that way?
    I just skimmed over that fro yo article, and while it’s not news to me, I totally agree with your follow up sentence – everything in moderation. 🙂 That’s what makes a happy me, at least. I have fro yo 1-2 a month and when I do, I do it right! Plus, I kind of like it better than ice cream anyway, so it works for me.

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