Food Find Thursday


That is not PM folks. That would be 5:34 am. Yesterday morning.

Which isn’t that unusual of a time for me to be awake. I actually like getting up early to get some work done in the quiet.

The unusual part is that I was wide awake, out of bed, at 4:30 am. Making oatmeal.


5:34 am is just the time that my oatmeal finished cooking in order for me to eat breakfast.

I woke up from my sleep absolutely starving, the kind of starving where you can’t force yourself back to sleep and must get up and eat before you get sick.

Don’t you just love mornings like that? Tell me it happens to you too?

Even though I had been on an oatmeal chia pumpkin pancake kick, my stomach was calling for a big ol bowl of steel-cut oats with blueberries.


When I am on my steel-cut oats kick, I tend to make a pot of four servings at a time. Steel cut oats are perfect for storing in the fridge and can be heated up (or eaten cold like I like them) for easily four days.


Yesterday, I only made two bowls worth since my preference lately has been the pancakes.

Question for those of you who also make steel-cut oatmeal:

Do you find that oatmeal cooks like rice; the more servings you make at a time, the more oatmeal you end up with?

I notice that when I cook a full cup of dry oats (which would be four servings), my final product ends up cooking to measure out to well over a cup of cooked oatmeal each. When I only cook one serving (1/4 cup dry oats), I end up with barely a cup of cooked oatmeal.

Anyway, since we are already on the topic of food, I have some new food finds to share with you today.


As I was driving to Trader Joe’s yesterday, I spotted this truck of major importance.

I realize I should not be taking pictures of random trucks while I am driving. But I decided it was better to snap a quick photo rather than search my car for a pen and paper to write down the name of the company.

th (2)

If you spotted a truck with images of SOFT SERVE FROZEN FRUIT plastered all over it, try to tell me you wouldn’t need to investigate this topic further.

If this is not something of interest to you then we probably shouldn’t be friends.

Just being honest.

Where have I been to not know of this Chloe’s?

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.™ makes the tastiest and healthiest alternative to soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt. We make our Soft Serve Fruit™  with only three ingredients: fruit, water and a touch of organic cane sugar.


There are two local locations – one in the Hamptons and one in the city.

It is imperative that I try this Chloe’s as quickly as possible. I need to experience a pretzel cone as well as a variety of everything else on the above menu.

Who wants to join me tomorrow? The genius that I am realized that my best bet is to try the location in the city since all of the traffic will all be headed to the Hamptons.

As if I can top this food find, I  bought some different from the usual Trader Joe’s items in my attempt to keep the house stocked with cool snacks.

No matter what I do though, the boy will never admit I am cool. I know this.

tj chipwich

While I am not a fan of mint chocolate chip, the boy is so I figured I would be nice and get these for him.

OK, I admit it. I bought them in my attempt to not pay for the ice cream man every day that he comes ringing his music down the block.

These little chipwiches truly are mini –  I took one out of the box to compare it to the picture.


I normally get the barbecue flavored version of these popped chips so to be different I bought the plain. He loves them.


Nothing exciting about plain graham crackers but they are a must in our pantry.

The boy likes them with peanut butter or of course, in smores form.

Now I just need to remember to restock the marshmallows.

Do you make grocery lists like I do and forget to bring it with you, or, even better, bring it with you and still forget something you wrote down that you needed?


These hot and sweet cherry peppers are for me but I can’t open the jar.

I really need to know:

Do you wake up starving sometimes super early in the morning?

How do you make your oatmeal? Does it cook different for you too when you make more servings at a time?

Have you been to Chloe’s?

Do you forget your grocery list?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

10 thoughts on “Food Find Thursday”

  1. I usually make a big ol’ pot of steel cut oats on the weekend and then have it for breakfast during the week. It stays really well. I’ve never tried it cold though! Also, Chloe’s sounds like an awesome treat. I’ve never been, so please keep us posted on your thoughts 🙂

  2. I definitely would have stopped to take a picture of the truck, no judgement from me! 🙂 That place sounds so good! Why can’t the south get with the times and have places like that? Whineeee. I love all your Trader Joe’s finds!! That place is the best and I typically try one new thing every time I go. Try their frozen macaroons – minimal ingredients but exceptional taste! Those mini ice cream sammies look so good and I love their size. I must try them. I finally tried pop chips last week and I’ll never look back. While I don’t eat chips, ever (unless it’s Mexican and it’s chips & salsa) these are a great way to curb my salt craving without going overboard. I’m down. Yay! I totally woke up this morning STARVING and that happens to me too from time to time! You, my dear, are not alone. 🙂

      1. omg you’re right! it’s 4 hours away in a quaint town called savannah but i think i’m going there this summer! omgggg! it doesn’t have the same name, but i would assume it’s essentially the same??

  3. I’ve never been to Chloe’s, but there was another soft serve fruit place I frequented on the UES…can’t remember the name now! It was pretty good, but I still prefer fro-yo 🙂

  4. i also ❤ trader joes so i always love seeing what bloggers buy there. and i loooooooove writing out grocery lists but when i get there it feels like such a hassle to stand there and read my list and keep checking it so it just stays crumpled in my purse. then i get SO MAD when i forget things i'm like "gahhh it was on the list!" haha.

  5. Soft Serve fruit company is very yummy. I think they changed their name to Chloe’s bc of change in ownership. The one on the UES closed, but between pinkberry and 16 handles I do just fine. Thanks for all of your TJ finds!

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