Kids Fun Run

Isn’t it funny how as soon as you finish one race, you are busy planning the next?

I am trying to work on my race calendar but it isn’t so easy.

The only upcoming races between now and the fall season are mostly 5k distances. I really don’t like the 5k.

I prefer to run a slightly slower pace for a longer distance than run my super fast pace for a short distance.

However, I am considering a summer run series which consists of a weekly evening 5K race.

I know, I know – I just said I hate the 5K distance, as well as hate running past 9:00 am let alone running at night.

But, this race series includes a weekly kids run. And the boy may be turning into a little runner.

As you recall from my post on Saturday, he was very interested in attending the Kids Fun Run. In fact, we battled over his relentless attempt to get me to take him for the 5K and/or the 1 mile race that were being held prior to the Kids Fun Run.

Such a man, right? As soon as he shows a little interest in something or gets his mind on an idea, it must be all or nothing right away.

I compromised on taking him to the Kids Fun Run prior to his Little League game. I told him he needs to build up to running a mile and if he truly wants to start running, I am more than happy to entertain the activity.

So pardon me while I interrupt our regularly scheduled Three Tip Tuesday to bring you the review of the Kids Fun Run.


The kids were given bibs to personalize prior to the start.


We have come a long way since kindergarten when the teacher called to inform me that  my child didn’t color in the lines.

Yes, she really called me about coloring. My response? I questioned how she could call me regarding his coloring skills when he was reading at a second or third grade level in kindergarten.


Oh and yes, that is a splint on his finger. He injured his pointer finger during recess last week at school. That was another lovely phone call from the school.

He is fine now though, thank goodness.

Back to the race:


It was a gorgeous day and kids of all ages showed showed up for the run.


The kids were told to sit and wait in the center of the track.

What were they waiting for?


The image of health and fitness himself.

As a kid I loved Ronald McDonald and his big purple friend, Grimace. As well as the cute little box of McDonald’s cookies that had the characters on the box.


Of course I associate McDonald’s with cookies and not the burgers or fries.

My son asked Ronald if he would be giving out Big Macs.


No matter their attempt at adding “healthier” menu options and handing out nutrition sheets with their suggestions for balanced calorie meals, McDonald’s is still known for their, and excuse my language, McCRAP.

Not to mention, the coupons they gave out at the expo and in my goodie bag contained ONLY  coupons for the burgers, fried McChicken things and fries.


Where were the coupons for the oatmeal? Yogurt parfaits?


Aside from my McFrazzledness, at least the fun run got the kids outside and active. They really had a great time.


Ronald entertained them prior to lining them up according to age group.


As you can see, he took this race very seriously and was stretching and sizing up his competition.


Each age group had their own start time.


I would say they ran a quarter of a lap and then we were all allowed to run a full lap together.

I didn’t run the lap though; I had my pocketbook filled with watermelon and bottles of water which was totally weighing me down.

He happily ran off without me.


I think he ran a good half lap before stopping to walk. He deserved that cute medal around his neck.


Running isn’t easy. It takes time to build up your endurance, stamina and ability to enjoy it.

I am thrilled that he is interested in not only being active, but challenging himself to run faster and farther.

In addition to receiving a medal, the kids were given empty race bags to fill up as their “goodie bag.”

If you are reading this post while standing up, please sit down for this part.


They were allowed to take as many goodies as possible from the boxes.


What was in the boxes? Oh, donuts, muffins, corn bread, bagels, pound cake…should I continue?

048 049


Clearly the chocolate frosted donuts were a hit.



Oh I am sorry, I left out the token bags of McDonald’s apples slices.


The apple box was barely touched.


I was so disgusted by this dessert buffet. It wasn’t even like they had staff handing the kids one of each processed snack.


Why the packaged bagel? They could have at least done a bagel breakfast table. A meal would have been better than a packaged processed snack extravaganza at 11:00 am.

Of course I had to explain to my son, once again, the whole “food- as -fuel -for- the- body” concept.


I gave him the shortened version while simultaneously removing his hands from the packages of pound cakes.

I explained to him that in order to run, improve his fitness level to run faster and longer, one cannot efficiently fuel their body by chowing down on cakes.

I love cake. We all know this. But there is a time and a place.

What are we teaching our children when we reward them for being active with an unlimited supply of an array of McProcessed stuff at 11:00 am?

I thought we were attempting to introduce our youth to a variety of healthy, nutrient dense foods.

michelle obama

The first lady would not be pleased.

I need to know:

What is your favorite race distance?

Do you have your race calendar all set for summer?

If you had to eat at McDonald’s, what would you order?



Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

15 thoughts on “Kids Fun Run”

      1. It’s unfair that you should have to feel that way when you only want to do what is right for your kid. McDonalds were one of the official sponsors of the recent Olympics in London and many UK doctors thought that this was sending the wrong message.

  1. I have to agree – the 5k is my least favorite distance. My favorite is the half marathon but I perform very well in the 10k (I don’t know why i keep doing them though because I hate myself for a solid 45-50 minutes every time!). I absolutely love MO. And your kid is so cute- love that he’s a little run lover!!

    1. Thank you- I hope he keeps up his running interest- if anything I told him it would help him to run faster around the bases (baseball is his favorite sport to play)…I love half marathons the best as well- and I totally hear you on the 10k – I run them but I want to throw up while I am in it!

  2. That’s so awesome that your little guy is getting interested in running- I love it! Also…I had totally forgotten about those McDonald’s cookies until I saw that picture…I use to love those!

    1. I know right! I remember those cute little boxes…The question is, do they really taste all that good like we recall? I have found that those favorite little treats that we thought were so great really weren’t – the few times I have revisited a packaged snack from childhood wasn’t all it was cracked up to be…or my palate has changed as prefers the great stuff over the just ok stuff.

  3. Congrats to your lil one for completing his dash! That’s awesome! Well, didn’t know there’s cookies from Mackers. And I don’t think Mr Ronald has made any appearances at any of the Kids Run here in Singapore yet tho.. Love your post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It’s great that he is so enthusiastic about running! What isn’t so great is the choice of food that they were given and that they were expected to pack their own bags? At what age?! Of course small children are just going to choose items they see as ‘fun food’ or food that their parents let them have limited amounts of. Very definitely the wrong message sent out to kids which was again wrongly reinforced by adding free vouchers for burgers!
    I like that they got to decorate their own bibs though.

  5. I am with you on the 5K distance too. It’s an awkward one but it’s still pretty fun! I HATE MCDONALDS! AHHHH!!! I can’t believe that they are allowed to show up at a healthy event like a race. Even their ‘healthy’ items aren’t really that great for you. Sheeeeeesh. It frightens me that this is what is happening today.
    Yay for your son being excited about racing! If I ever have kids I hope they love running as much as I do! My favorite distance is the half marathon. I always get into a good groove for them. If I HAD to eat McDonald’s I’d get a parfait (they were so good, if I remember correctly!).

  6. LOVE this post! I completely agree. Talk about teaching kids mixed messages…. how confusing. I am not “race material” just yet. Maybe one day I’ll get there.

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