Three Tip Tuesday!

Remember how happy I was on Saturday to report that my last long run before this Sunday’s half marathon was uneventful?

Well ever since a few hours after that post, I have been randomly nursing an injured left shoulder.

Without any clue how I injured it, especially how I managed to injure it while running.

Runner’s World doesn’t even consider the shoulder a part of a runner’s body.


See this diagram? It is from the Runner’s World website and it is entitled, Where Do You Hurt? It allows you to click on the labeled body parts and receive information on your possible injury.

There is no clicking for shoulder injuries.

Go ahead. Give it a click.

I did a little more research and have concluded that my rotator cuff is upset this week. I am hoping it feels better by Sunday.

And yes, one needs their shoulder to be happy to be able to run.

Get up from the computer and jog a few steps, you will see you need your arms.

Anyway, enough about my shoulder. I am going to attempt to treat my shoulder like you would a child who is misbehaving – do not give attention to negative behaviors. Giving attention to a negative situation only makes a child continue their bad behavior.

pay attention

So my thinking is, the less I discuss my shoulder and draw attention to it, maybe it will calm itself down and behave.

New product find:


I love tomato paste and always end up buying the little cans from either Trader Joe’s or  Muir Glen. I hate buying the cans because if you don’t use the whole thing, you have to put the little bit of unused paste in a storage container in your fridge.

I came across this jar of tomato paste over the weekend when I was looking to use a coupon for Muir Glen. I love that it comes in a jar so you can use what you need and then store it in the fridge like any other condiment.

Confession: I didn’t have a coupon for this product but I bought it anyway.

 I hate buying products without a coupon! But lately I have followed some new rules for ‘NONEXTREME” couponing and  I have been able to still save myself some money.



Lately the coupons that arrive at my door with the Sunday paper have been terrible. I very rarely see a coupon for the products I purchase on a regular basis.


But the truth is, if you start clipping coupons just for the sake of saving a dollar, you will end up buying things you wouldn’t normally purchase and that can add up.


No one needs 60 jars of mustard when they don’t even like to eat mustard.

Instead, I search the web for the brands I do like to buy and print out the coupons.




The boy may think he loves Birds Eye Steam Fresh vegetables but they are pricey and very rarely on sale. The supermarkets tend to carry their own brand of the same vegetable blends for a MUCH cheaper price.


He had no idea his little vegetable late night snack was not Bird’s Eye.


To save money, I like to buy foods that can be used in various meals and snacks. As I said last week, instead of buying shredded cheese AND string cheese, I buy the string cheeses so that the boy has a snack plus the sticks can be broken up and melted just like shredded cheese.


Other multitasking products:

oat bran

Oat bran makes a delicious hot cereal. It is also a great substitute for bread crumbs.


Greek Yogurt – We all know that I love to use Chobani bites in various ways. Besides just eating it straight from the fridge, you can add it to pancake batter, oatmeal and various recipes.

Or, you can make one of my delicious yogurt cones.


When greek yogurt (or any yogurt for that matter) is stored in the freezer, you have a delicious and healthy frozen treat and avoid having to buy additional frozen yogurts for dessert as well as avoid added ingredients you don’t need.

healthy choice

They may call it Healthy Choice but have you looked at the ingredients?

nonfat milk, cultured nonfat milk, sugar, blueberries, cream, maltodextrin, milk protein concentrate, less than 2% of: natural flavor (contains: molasses, sugar), modified corn starch, carrageenan, dextrose, citric acid, cellulose gel, cellulose gum, gelatin, mono- and diglycerides, propylene glycol monoesters.

Have a great Tuesday!

I need to know:

Have you ever injured your shoulder?

Have you ever been injured in the week prior to running a race?

Do you print coupons from the internet?

Do you buy any multitasking products?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

12 thoughts on “Three Tip Tuesday!”

    1. Thank you, I am trying to rest it. It hurts pretty bad though! Yes, I think couponing is a great goal to have – it is amazing how much you can save if you take a few minutes to even search the web for the brands you buy. Most of them really do offer coupons and are usually $1 off – and let you print a few of them. Total bonus lol

    1. Good point! I have seen the tubes but never bought them since I never had a coupon lol. Although I believe Trader Joe’s sells the tubes too. This jar is a great size for the price so I am hoping to like it when I use it.

    1. Even if you let it sit out a little bit it doesn’t get to a good consistency? Hmm. Have you tried freezing the Chobani Bites? Those freeze well and the chocolate pieces make it so good. Blending is a great idea – with a frozen banana or strawberries. I think I may try it out lol.

  1. Okay so you might find me disgusting but…. I LOVE TOMATO PASTE – so much so that I simply open cans or jars and eat it with a spoon – and I typically eat the WHOLE JAR! ha ha ha. Something I dip spinach into the can – SO GOOD! Ah, I am causing myself to crave it right now. lol

  2. ummm… can you dedicate a post to all your recipes using tomato paste?? (sorry for the over exclamation). LOL. I feel like I have no time to look for coupons. Then again, I get my groceries delivered from fresh direct (hopefully LI will soon experience this amazing service)

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