Long Run Challenge

So the saying is “God only gives you what you can handle”, correct?

god handle

I have recited this numerous times to friends as well as to myself throughout the years.

I certainly did not expect to be getting all religious and spiritual this morning.

I was making a parfait this week at Red Mango during Passover; I am certainly not all that religious very often.

I was quite excited to head out for my long run bright and early. The sun was rising and I was beyond thrilled that I didn’t need 4 layers, or a hat or gloves. The forecast called for another beautiful spring-like day with temperatures rising into the 50’s.


My excitement quickly faded as a number of things started going wrong rather quickly.

Remember when I had lost one of my lulu socks? Yeah well, I am kinda sorry I found the missing one.


As wonderful as these socks were when I landed in the puddle a few weeks ago, after wearing them several more times, I have concluded that I do not like them at all.


I guess Lucy had it right that one needs to test a product out several times to give it a proper review.

These $14 socks do not stay in place, get stuck between the toes and slip around by the tongue of the shoe.

I had to stop several times today to adjust their placement.

Which only lead me to have to keep untying and retying my shoes which just made matters worse.


I can NEVER tie my shoes right the first time.

How does one define “right”? Well, I define “right” by not feeling my feet. If I notice my feet, I know something isn’t “right”.

By the time I got my lacing and socks “semi-right”, my bladder decided to chime in.

Normally I do not make pit-stops but I really wasn’t interested in testing out the moisture wicking feature of my pants.

And let’s not forget that during all of this, the wire to my headphones kept getting tangled in itself.

Somewhere around mile 5 mark I decided this run was a real fakakta. If you are unfamiliar with the word, “fakakta“, is a Yiddish term to define something that is not working well, that is real crap.

yiddish cartoon

Sometimes situations arise that the English language has no words for and one must revert to their native tongue, or at least the tongue of their ancestors.

lucy splaining

Kinda like when Ricky would get mad at Lucy and would revert to speaking in Spanish.

Anyway, I am no quitter people. If I set out to run 13 miles, 13 miles were going to be run.

I realized I didn’t need to run fast as I was not actually racing.

And then I remembered that I was racing – I was racing my phone battery.

And sure enough, the battery died a few steps past mile 10. Super.

I was out of music, out of a phone, out of a GPS and out of jelly beans for the last 3 miles.


And then something interesting happened.

I heard birds chirping.

The sun even appeared to be shining brighter.

I saw things I don’t normally notice on my path (I would have a picture of what I noticed but duh, my phone was dead so no camera).

My socks became tolerable around mile 11 and the rest of the run was smooth sailing.

As much as I prefer to listen to music, running to the sounds of nature and my own feet wasn’t half bad.

Perhaps God’s little plan for this morning’s run was a bit of a test. A test to see if I have what it takes to tackle my second half marathon two weeks from tomorrow.

And to see if I can whether some unexpected elements having nothing at all to do with weather.

Now excuse me while I go plotz myself down on the couch before heading out to find new socks.

I need to know:

Do you swear by any particular socks for your workouts?

Have you tried the fitness line Zella, the athletic brand from Nordstrom?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

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