Long Run Snack Saturday

Hi friends! I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday.

If you are like me, Saturday doesn’t mean you sleep in, it means you get up and run!


My favorite rainbow shoes came out to play today.


With the Fitness Magazine Half Marathon quickly approaching, I decided I should start filling my little pocket with my fuel once again.


Reason #3,456 to take up running  – Eating Jelly Beans at 7:00 am is completely acceptable and justified.

I popped a few beans throughout my run and they were quite yummy. I can’t say that I needed them, but I like to practice getting them into my mouth.

I do not know about you, but I am not very good at drinking or eating while I am running. Especially during races. I have missed my mouth on more than one occasion.

And forget missing my mouth, I often miss grabbing the cups of water from the volunteers on the sidelines.

However, during the Hershey Park Half Marathon, they gave out chocolate.

I had no issue grabbing the chocolate.

Are we surprised?


Besides eating jelly beans, this morning’s run was quite uneventful. Which is just fine with me!

No one tried to stop me to chat on the path and my phone didn’t die on me until almost the 11 mile mark. My GPS even seemed accurate.

I felt pretty good throughout the run and even started my half dance/half run around mile 9 when “Walk This Way” came on my Pandora.

I always know I am having a great run when I start the “half dance/half run”.

Some people drink to loosen up and have a great time. I run.

The little boy slept at his grandparent’s house last night (my parent’s house that is).

One can also refer to it as a Bed and Breakfast retreat.


Before I pick him up today, I have some cabinet organization to tackle.

I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday to get a few things.

 Ha. We all know that one cannot stop at just a few things.

Maybe it is their snazzy little end cap displays or maybe it was the slushy snow that was falling – something enticed me to purchase some new snacks for the boy.

It isn’t that I don’t normally have snacks on hand.  Nor is it that I don’t bake and create delicious snacks and desserts on a regular basis.

Those snacks and treats do not seem to count to a 9 year old.

I get ZERO credit for what  I DO buy and what I DO bake and create.

Why is it that kids, or even adults, always focus on what they don’t have?


I think this quote can be revised to include the following for my house:

“I may not have a bunch of processed junk in my kitchen to eat, but I do have a cool runner mom who likes ice cream, bakes me cookies, makes me pancakes from scratch for breakfast before school and surprises me with weeknight trips to the ice cream parlor for no particular reason.”

In any event, I switched up my usual purchases to include a few different items.


With little league season approaching, I always need some extra snacks on hand to throw in my bag or to have when we get home after a long day/night playing baseball.

I even went all out and bought the microwave popcorn.

Yeah, I know all about the dangers of eating the popcorn from a microwave bag. However, I decided that maybe, just maybe, eating it from a microwave bag from Trader Joe’s makes it semi-OK once in a while.

The reality is, if I keep it out of my house, he can easily have it at someone else’s house.

Maybe it is better he eats it in front of me where I know about it.

Oh boy, I sound like I am preparing myself for those teenage years where you hear about parents letting their kids drink and smoke in front of them so that they  know what their children are doing.

Thank goodness I am only up to popcorn awareness.

Have a great weekend!

I need to know:

How do you fuel your long runs?

Do you have issues grabbing the cups from the volunteers?

Do you eat microwave popcorn?

Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

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