Do You Believe in Karma?

Almost time for Three Tip Tuesday – but first I have a little story.

Now that I am  officially “training” for the Fitness Magazine Women’s Half April 14, I am trying to take my runs back outside as much as possible.

It was super windy yesterday morning but I was flying (perhaps because I was close to being blown away).

I know I have shown you before but in case you missed it, I run on a path that circles my community.


On any given day I share this path with other residents who are out walking their dogs or simply walking/running for exercise.

As I was running yesterday, a woman walking towards me motioned for me to stop. She said she had a question.

But STOP? She couldn’t be serious. She must not know me. Or even heard about me.

I have been told on more than one occasion that I am thought of as “unfriendly” simply because I do not smile, wave or stop for chit chat while I am out running on the path.

And then once these fellow path users meet me and talk to me in another environment they decide I really am polite and nice and all of those fun characteristics.

cute girl run

Anyway, I shouted to this woman (since I was listening to music, I am pretty sure it came out as a shout), “Sorry, no I cannot stop.”

Rude of me? Nah. She didn’t appear to be seeking medical attention.

I was in the middle of my run. I stop for nothing.

In an attempt to be polite, I looked over my shoulder as I passed her.

“Just one question – where did you get those sneakers?”

Awww. See. Now that touched my heart.


I shouted, “I ordered them online.” I couldn’t get out all of the words to explain the who, what, where, when, how and why.

She shouted one more question as I was several yards away. “Are they New Balance?”

One word reply from me, “Asics”.

Now, I was taught at a very young age by my father that running shoes are chosen for fit, comfort and durability. Not for appearance.

He was a runner. If you meet him, within the first few sentences of your conversation, it is certain he will whip out his wallet sized photo from one of the three NYC Marathons he completed.

I made fun of his photo sharing as a kid. I now understand.

Anyway, I always wanted the cute sneakers as a kid. I recall one pair in particular that my parents did not buy for me.

I refer to them as the “rainbow sneakers I was never allowed to have.”

They were lavender with a rainbow design and velcro. I must have been 7 years old.


They looked something like this (but oh so much cuter!). I was not allowed to have them because they didn’t offer enough support.

This still bothers me. And while it may seem that my long-held anger is better suited perhaps for therapist to analyze, I do have a point here.

I may not have understood as a child, but now as a runner, I do understand.

I never choose my running shoe based upon appearance.

I have learned it is all about fit.

By the time I actually arrive at the right shoe, I am truly so relieved to have found the correct fit that I take whatever color combination available.

I got lucky this time around though. Call it karma if you will.

The current model I am wearing comes in a variety of great colors.


Once I fell in love with the fit of this shoe, my father, the former runner, ordered several pairs for me (from Road Runner Sports) to ensure I had a full supply before the model ends up on the “endangered list” and is gone forever.

See, I was meant to have a pair of rainbow sneakers. And, he was meant to get them for me.

Karma people, TOTAL KARMA.


I continued to see this woman as I was running our path. I was lapping her actually. Several times.

As I kept passing her, I realized that lapping people is great motivation for keeping your pace. Which leads to today’s Three Tips!


Tip #1 – DO NOT STOP TO TALK! – Yes, I know it is best to always be polite but it is OK sometimes to think of yourself first.

Be a little bit selfish! You are out for your run. It is your “me time”. There is time to talk before and after. If you want to keep your pace, stride and focus, you do not stop to talk.

If you must be polite, simply keep running and say, “I am sorry, I am running, catch ya after.”

Of course, if a situation arises where someone needs help, by all means stop to help. Or, if you run with your phone, call someone else to come help them. It may slow your pace a bit to make the call, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do as a good Samaritan.

Tip #2 – WEAR THE RIGHT RUNNING GEAR – I know I have said this before, but it is so important to be wearing the right clothes (as well as socks and shoes) in order to have a great run.

We all have those pants that look cute but start to fall as we move, yes? DO NOT WEAR THEM TO RUN. If they fall down once for you, they are not to be trusted again. No second chances.

Trust me, I have I have learned from experience.

My pace slows as I attempt to keep my pants on. Once they start to fall, as I pull them up, I pull my underpants down simultaneously. Trying to adjust this mess while still running and holding an iphone – pace inevitably slows down.

Tip #3 – USE OTHERS AS MOTIVATION – If all else fails and you can’t seem to keep the pace you want, look around you. See anyone walking? If so, your running pace is still faster than their walking pace. You are probably lapping them too! Use that as motivation.

They are probably envious that you are able to run while they are walking those miles.


I swear there is an ecard for everything. I could certainly use a card or a shirt that says something like, “I am polite, really I am. Just don’t try to talk to me while I am running.”

Almost time for my spin class! Have a great day!

I need to know:

Do you stop to talk to people when you are running?

Do you choose your running shoes based upon appearance or fit?

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Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

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