March 1st!!

Happy March 1st! Not only am I excited that it is Friday, March 1st signifies that Spring is on the way.

In fact, my friend and I refer to March 1st as our unofficial “first day of Spring.”

Now, an egg won’t stand on its head for us or anything as it does for the actual Vernal Equinox, but calling March 1st Spring allows us to wear flip flops should the temperature allow it.


Please don’t judge me on this. We all have our little quirks now don’t we?

Speaking of quirks, I was recently reading an article that lists ways to know you are a runner. You can see the list by clicking here.

It is rather funny and some of the things listed apply to me but definitely not all.

Which started to concern me. I am now trying to pay close attention to my mannerisms to determine if in fact I can consider myself a real runner.

My run yesterday  by the way was just OK. As happy as I was to be outside on the pavement, I wasn’t feeling as fabulous as I did during Monday’s glorious run. I think the intensity of Spin Tuesday caught up with me a bit.

Instead of pushing myself harder, I chose to make it a fun run, by shutting off the Pandora and catching  up with some phone calls for a little over 4 miles.

Possible indication one is a runner = length of time is not determined by minutes, it is determined by miles.

Wait. Hold up. I cannot believe I didn’t tell you the most exciting news. (Another possible indication one is a runner = running discussion trumps all other discussion?)

Something amazing occurred last night at my dinner table.


Let me set the scene. My son and I are both sitting down for dinner at my cute new dinner table (oops don’t tell him I called it “mine”- he likes to think it is his. He feels some form of ownership over the house. I think it is a man thing).

His dinner:


Original dinner plan for him was an omelette with roasted potato wedges (I make a mean roasted potato wedge). He calls them “potato fries”. At the last minute, he decided he wanted his omelette on a toasted bialy.


With the abundance of cauliflower in my fridge (remember 98 cents/head) I roasted a good amount and threw it all into a stir fry with other vegetables, chick peas and avocado for myself with roasted sweet potato wedges.


OK, so are you ready for the amazing part?

He says, “can I try one of those?” pointing to my plate.

For a brief moment I really had no clue what he wanted.

“I want to try the cauliflower”. 

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART (which beats much slower than the target heart rate of the average 34 year old female by the way – another indication I might be a runner).

I almost fell out of my brand new kitchen chair.

Do you hear this people? He wanted to try the cauliflower. He took a bite and said, “this is good”.

And then he said, “I think I like broccoli, can I have a piece?”

I would have turned over my entire plate to him. And we know I am not good at sharing. We know I have “rules” for sharing dessert.

I don’t even have rules for sharing my meals because I would NEVER dream of sharing a main course as I am way too hungry to spare a morsel.

It is possible my inability to share stems from “only child syndrome” which may lead to selfish tendencies.

Or, it may be due to being a hungry runner (hmm, another sign I am a real a runner – unable to share food due to ravenous appetite).

While he only took a bite of the cauliflower and broccoli, he did ask to try it. He also allowed it to remain on his plate.

This is big people. This is exactly what I am talking about regarding exposing kids to healthy foods. They say it takes repeated exposure to new foods until one is truly able to decide if they like something or not.

5 a day

And like I always say, if we as parents don’t buy the produce, don’t eat healthy, nutrient dense foods on a regular basis for our children to see, how can they learn to try cauliflower and broccoli and determine if they like it?

Kids learn by example from their parents and home environment. Hmm. I hope he doesn’t go into school telling the class today is the first day of Spring.

I have big plans now for Sunday. No, it is not to attend the Chocolate Expo (which is from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm) about 10 minutes from my house with unlimited vendors of every kind of chocolate available to sample.

Oh no, I have big plans in my kitchen with my (98 cent/head) cauliflower.


My son will be at his dad’s this weekend so by the time he comes home (from possibly another 48-hour carnival), he is ready for a  DINNER DETOX.

Nothing says dinner detox like cauliflower.

With the rest of my spare time this weekend, I may treat myself to a manicure.

I had a pedicure recently which looks lovely but I think the manicurist cut my big-toenail a little short. The last thing I need is my toe to get more irritated from running.


I have debated putting a band-aid on to protect it but I have been on the fence on this issue.

Do I risk ruining a pedicure with a band-aid sticking to the polish? Or do I risk my irritated toe hurting while I run?

Since it is my version of Spring, I may need to wear an opened toe shoe, keep this in mind!

I think a real runner would aim to protect the toe.


I  need to know:

Do you consider yourself a runner?

Do you like cauliflower? How do you most often make it?

Are you ready for Spring?


Author: The Cookie ChRUNicles

Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

6 thoughts on “March 1st!!”

  1. I loved the runners list link. I maybe do 7 or 8 of the 26 things…maybe one day though 😉 And Cauliflower is okay but I could think of a bunch of other veggies I’d prefer. And I feel your pain about having your big nail cut too short, that happens to me entirely too much and it is the worst! I say go with the band-aid.

  2. I definitely consider myself a runner. My days are usually planned around when I can run. haha. Also, I LOVE cauliflower!! But, i am not ready for Spring yet…spring means the end of snowboard season and I am not ready for that yet!!

  3. I’m a runner depending on my mood 😉
    Love cauliflower – like it best mashed – I make mash potatoes but substitute the potatoes for cauliflower. Delic.
    YES- ready for spring! Need to switch to cute flats. Enough boots. Done.

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